China mining machinery production and export base

3d预测晚间版shanghai tigers mining machinery co., ltd. is the top domestic crushing screening milling equipment manufacturers. the product mainly includes crushing equipment (cone crusher, reaction type crushing, impact crusher, jaw crusher, mobile crushing station)

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In order to maintain the rapid growth of the enterprise, Tiger-Crusher has a special focus on talent cultivation and introduction.

bold put forward "talent development strategy plan", emphasis on high-quality talents and bold, have become the company continuous development of intrinsic motivation, and the company attaches great importance to the international technical exchanges and cooperation,


Shanghai Tigercrusher Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. knows that product quality is the only standard of the development of the company

regards quality as life, now all the products has passed the is09001:2000 international quality system certification, our sand machine, crusher, grinding machine series products, are exported to asia and africa and so on more than 50 countries of latin america.


Shanghai Tigercrusher Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has an experienced, skilled sales and service team and perfect sales service network,

customers before the upgrade, the company appointed engineering and technical personnel to the scene planning field for the user design the best processes and programs; after the upgrade, will assign a professional after-sales service personnel


tiger-crusher attaches great importance to international technical exchanges and cooperation, has introduced the united states, germany, australia and other countries of advanced technology and craft, with the consummate craft and advanced technology level has won many honors, the company keep in mind: the user is our everything. product quality is the enterprise life!

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